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My name is Christoph, I worked in the science and medical diagnostic industries. Since my retirement I can once again enjoy the beauty of the sky - I thank my wife and my 3 children David, Lea, Janek  for their warm support and interest -    Summer 2023


Actual Photos...

Observatory/ bottom sliding roof
7 square meters

DeepSky, Moon, Planets, Sun (All In One) ...
Mount Alt AD7 (max load 100 kg) counter weight 80 kg​​​​​​​
... based on Keller/ASA400 Cass 3600mm (f9 and f3)
Duble Sun SetUp (H-alpha ED150 and Bright Field ASA400)
Autor Christoph


 Himmelwarte (registered) 

Start -version 2006-
Evolution -aktuell 2023-

Christoph Schaefer
E-Mail: info(add)himmelwarte.ch


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