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Collimation Cassegrain ASA/Keller

The ASA/Keller Cassegrain had been collimated by taking advantage of the Gryzbowski collimator, a Chesire collimator, a barlowed Laser collimator (adjustment of secondary mirror) and finally by a real star test at the sky (adjustment of primary mirror)...

Gryzbowski colli centralized on Secondary...

4 LED projection around Secondary Centercross

Chesire view

Startestpattern extrafocal

The intrafocal pattern of the star test looked equal to the extrafocal one ;-)

The seeing this night, at 20 degrees, was not 'optimal' but good enough to finish the adjustment of the primary mirror.

Flat after centering the optical elements

30 sec exp in focus

The CCDInspector plot with only 1 picture 10min autoguided

The CCDInspector 3D plot