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CCD Astronomy by Christoph Schaefer

Wellcome to the homepage of the observatory `Himmelwarte` located in switzerland

The Camera SBIG STX-16803, the FW5-STX filterwheel (65mm L-R-G-B-Halpha filterset and OIII, SII filters as an option for the 'Hubble pallet') linked to the 4' ASA Rotator/Keller Flat-Korrektor. First tests at the sky. Due to bad weather conditions since 7 month no update... :-(

M10     L 12x5/ R 2x20/ G 2x20/ B 2x20 Min      100%      200%


 Moon    0.2 sec H-alpha


Galaxy Test     L 1x10 Min  raw 


M64 Black Eye Galaxy    L 3x20  Min


Star Test


  Zoom of M10

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  Zoom of M64

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Figure legend [30 KB]