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H-alpha Light Solarsetups

The current solarscope was prepared for H-alpha observation and is a modified skywatcher ED100. It contains a Solar Spectrum Filter SO-1 (19mm) 0.2 A

The whole setup, here on the very mobile AstroTrac mount, is fixed on a Berlebach stative. It looks fragile. but it works as it was recently tested at the ocean site of germany, the north see.

The front is equipped with a special energie rejection filter from Baader, the C-ERF. Its main purpose is to reject the infrared rays of the sun, which normally heat the optical system. Additionally it is combined with a stepless adjustable aperture, in order to adapt the optic to the various telezentric systems (TZ-2, TZ-4) and required focal lenghts.

The original focuser was replaced by a stiff feathertouch version. The very narrow SolarSpectrum filter of 0.2 A doesn`t allow any flexture in the light pass of the whole optic system. Otherwise the highly conrast may be limited to only a small area of the filter. The focuser was motorized and equipped with a digital controlbox as well linked to the observatory personal computer/ MaximDL5 software via a serial port. The focussing procedure of such a narrow solar filter is now very comfortable and allows the movement of up to 3.5 kg at the backside of feathertouch focuser.

DSM-1 Stepper Motor Attachment

The DSM-1 incorporates a high torque stepper motor with a geared drive that seamlessly meshes with your existing Feather Touch focuser. When hooked up to the focus drive hub, this system provides smooth, precise powerful control that can move the load, about 3 microns per step.

DH-1 The Motorized Feather Touch Hub

Central to the modularity of the system is the DH-1 the Digital Feather Touch Hub, which incorporates most of the electronics to drive the focuser into one neat little case that can sit right next to the telescope. Cables radiate from the Hub to drive motor, Hand Controller, Temperature Sensor, Power, & PC Cable as needed. Your hand controller thus has a single cable leading to it, keeping the set up tidy. An optional temperature probe assembly FTP-1 can be plugged into the hub to return temperature information to the ASCOM driver, so that supporting software can compensate focus during long exposures.

DHC-1 Motorized Feather Touch Hand Controller

The DHC-1 lets you manually step the focuser in & out while displaying the current focuser position digitally. A high level of precision is achieved by ramping up the speed gradually as you hold the buttons down. Clicking the buttons without holding them down allows you to take micro steps to approach accurate focus. (see also Starlightinstruments)

Behind a sunblind (in white), the heatable housing of the H-alpha Filter is mounted and than directly linked to the DMK41 videocam.

In order to heat the filter/housing and to keep the temperature/wavelenght stable, a special controlbox is provided.

A selfmade sun finder is mounted on the telescope and adjusted to the sun. A fine drill hole in front of the first metalplate lets the sunlight passing this part and a light point is projected on white screen fixed in the backplate, where the center is labelled with an o of the word solar.

The projection area...

This sensible and very special equipment, is stored in a yellow pelikan box. The dewsensible SolarSpectrum filter is stored inside in an additional airtight plastic box. This storage box contains next to the filter a filmbox, filled with selica pearls, which keep the filter dry.

With the help of special Baader projection lenses TZ-2 or TZ-4 (TZ telezentric system), the focal lenght of the telescope is powered by 2x or 4x respectively. Doing this the lightpass becomes stright parallel and the whole filter is hitted by the light in every area almost in a rectangular angle. This is a prerequisite for highly contrast all over the filter area.

The schematic drawing of these various TZ setups and their influences on the corresponding projections of sun onto the CCD chips of DMK41 or SBIG-ST10XME.

Some parts of the observatory are protected from the sun i.e. the computer area.

The roof of the observatory is cooled by water which is equally distributed by a sprinkler system and improves the local seeing at a sunny day.

The solarscope with the C-ERF (cool energy rejection filter, IR blocked). The aperture is freely adjustable from about 20mm to 100mm (the size of the filter).

White Light Solarsetups

Herschel Wedge Solar Prism 2"