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Ventilation by Solarernergie

A solar panel element was mounted, which generates the power for two ventilation fans inside the observatory facilitating the exchange of internally warmed up air.

The solar panel providing the 17V power for charging an internal 12V Pb-Gelakku.

Two computer fans (12V) are fixed to the backside of the observatory. Left handed a temperatur transmitter is seen, which is used to transmit and read the actual temperatur of the observatory to the close by located living house.

The akku charge controller linked to the 12V Pb-Gelakku. The light sensor controller on the left side has two indepedently adjustable histeries, one for the morning and one for the evening fan switch points.

The schematic map showing the air flow in the observatory. Be aware, the lower one is sucking cold air from outside to inside and the upper one is blowing the warm air in the upper part of the observatory to outside.

The temperatur profiles inside and outside of the Himmelwarte are shown on this graph. Due to the different runnng times and switch points of the electric 12V fans, the cooling is more or less effective and was finally optimized as shown in the graph.