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MaximDL 5.18

o The telescope mount Alt-AD7
o the CCD imaging camera SBIG ST10XME
o the to a long exposure version modified webcam (acting as an autoguider)
o the motorized focusers of NGF (Smart-Focuser), as well of Feathertouch (Motorized Feather Touch System)
o the DSLR-Canon-400D (astroversion and long exposure triggered with raw files format)

are controlled via this professional software. An Ascom driver facilitates the link to the Alt-AD7 mount and additionally the software hub Maxpoint provides the link to the planetary software TheSky6 enabling a corrected GOTO of the various mounted telescopes.


The software is used to plan the observation project and to guide the telescope to the object of interest.

CCDware softwares:

CCD Inspector 2.5.3
CCD FWHM 2.2.2
CCD Autopilot 5
CCD Stack 2


In order to correct possible mechanical shifts of the equipment, i.e. caused by flexures and gearshifts, during the movement of telescope, this software measures and stores the guiding signals which are generated to compensate the tracking errors. MaxPoint is linked in between MaximDL5 and the TheSky6, where it can be activated.


The DMK21 and DMK41 cameras are driven by the software, enabling the capturing of avi movie files and single image shots.


The software was very useful to analyse the guiding error of the mount. Additionally it provides the possibility to analyse individual frames of avi videos. The frames of a videofile can be proofed for quality and individually selected, in order to generate an final stacked image. In case of bad seeing conditions it may be used to select the best frames out the mass of distored ones.


Whenever one deals with high numbers of frames, RegiStax may be the tool of choice to select and stack a certain percentage of frames out of the video of interest. The software includes also some very powerful image processing filters, which had been used to generate some of my astropictures (mainly of planets). Weak details of a planet may become improved, before the pictures are transferred to other image processing softwares such as PS.

For the new tablet device Acer a500 the software Mobile Observatory App with live view and GPS support...

Visual Pinpoint
full version

ACC software

The ASA/Keller Rotator software in Ascom format.