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Electronic Network

The computer runs with Windows 7. It is a Pentium HP Elitebook 8560w (12 GB Ram), a full metall housing laptop, linked to a HP docking station connected to 5x USB 2.0 ports, 3x serial converter connected to the FS2 mount controller
and a Firewire port. A Matrox Duo Digital Controller triggers two HP 1920x1080 Monitors and forms a large 3840x1080 desktop, enough space for several program screens. A wireless (bluetooth) Logitech keyboard and a trackball are the tactical tools.

The installed softwares under Windows 7 are linked via Ascom 6 and in MaximDL5/Generic Hub/'TheSky controlled Telescope'.
In TheSky6 mount Ascom driver LX200 Meade non GPS for the Alt-AD7/ is selected, which works perfectly with the FS2 M.Koch.

MaximDl 5.18
CCDStack 2
CCDInspector 2.5.3
CCDAutopilot 5

The PC is located above a heating cable (1.2m long 25 Watt). At very cold winter nights, the electronic inside of the computer housing is automatically heated by the terrarien temperatur control unit, starting below plus 5 degrees celsius.

The heating cable is placed in wooden, carved rills...

All equipment is triggered from this platform or from the MaximDL5 respectively.

o The Mount control unit FS2 M.Koch
o The SmartFocus Digicontroller-handbox of primary focuser cassegrain in f3
o The selfmade handbox of the secondary focuser cassegrain f9
o The FeatherTouch Digicontroller handbox/ ED100
o The Seletek Controller, independently controlling the two ATIK filterwheels in the projectionsetup

A board is fixed at the wall equipped with several USB-Hubs and USB-serial adapters.

Some of the equipment need serial ports (USB/serial adapters) such as:

o the GerdNeumann-filterwheel/SBIG ST10XME
o the Smartfocuser
o the FS2-Controller

The Gerd Neumann filterwheel in the SBIG setup is controlled by a handbox and as well like the ATIK wheels by the software MaximDL5. The three focusers, on of the ED100 solarscope (feathertouch) and two of the Keller/ASA Cassegrain (primary focuser Smartfocus, secondary focuser Seletek) are controlled from MaximDL5 and/or by their handbox Controllers. The basic stepper driver unit is from Nanotec and also linked via USB.

Screen shot of the dual screen installation. two times 1960x1040 driven by a Matrox Digital Duo Unit. A logitech keyboard and a Logitech Trackingball are connected via Bluetooth wireless.

The temperature of the H-alpha-sun Filter SO-1 is very precisely controlled by a digital unit of Solar Spectrum.