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Leica M 240 Astronature

The new Leica M 240 (very kind 'Leica experts' are located at ) will be tested in the very next future at the nightsky in combination with landscapes. The following lenses Elmarit M 28mm/2.8 asph, Summicron M 50mm/2, Elmarit R 100mm/2.8 and ApoTelyt R 180mm/3.4 both R lenses with Calciumfluorid elements will be compared on the mobile NanoTracker mount.
The Leica M 240 enables a sensitivity up to 6400 ASA (in pushed mode).

I try in the meantime to convince Leica Solms Germany to integrate longer exposure times than 60 sec Please feel free to contact Leica Germany as well in order to mention our needs for longer exposure times (1-5 minutes at about 800 ASA) Leica please allow us to look more to the sky with this masterpiece of camera!

One of my stars on earth... Ann... first day shot with M240 and 28/2.8 asph.